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Hack Gatherings / Conferences

A propos

  • Hack gathering, events, confs, that exist for several years.

Hack events

  • EMF Camp - EMF tinkering - August 31st–September 2nd 2018 Eastnor, UK
  • CCC camp - privacy/infosec - every 4 years, summer (next = 2019), Germany/Holland
  • CCC congress - december 27…30, Germany- cf
  • TDB - action/hack/protest - July, Amsterdam (ADM)
  • RMLL - software/hack - july , France
  • JDLL - Journées du Logiciel Libre a Lyon - start of April Lyon
  • FOSDEM - software/hack - february 2..3 2019, Brussel
  • THSF - hack/civil/art - mai, Toulouse
  • Le capitole du libre - libre - novembre, Toulouse

Art Numerique Festival


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