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Rust tooling & environment

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Dev tools


CLI tools

Rust specific

  • sn … fast “du” and build-artefacts cleaner (cargo install tin-summer) ⇒ sn clean
    • also cargo sweep, a build cleaner ⇒ cargo sweep -r -t 30 ~/dev
  • sscache … compilation speedup rust cache (cargo install sccache)
  • cargo edit … cargo ext to edit toml file (cargo install cargo-edit)
  • crates-io-cli …interact with from the command-line (cargo install crates-io-cli) ⇒ crates –help
  • cargo update …update cargo commands 'cargo install-update -a –force' to update all cargo binaries (cargo install cargo-update)
  • cargo modulescargo modules to list project modules, –dot to generate dot file (cargo install cargo-modules)
  • git ignore …generate .gitignore files, git ignore get rust intellij+all (cargo install git-ignore-generator)
  • rustup component add clippy and cargo clippy
  • cargo install cargo-asm … show ASM code ⇒ cargo asm lib_crate::bar::double_n –rust

Un*x CLI

  • alacritty … light fast terminal
  • fd … gnu find on steroid (gère git, ..)
  • riggrep … fastest grep finder on earth (cargo install ripgrep)
  • mdcat … cat for md files, with images! (cargo install mdcat)
  • bat … cat with wings (cargo install bat)
  • tealdeer … display command usage, tldr community manpages way! (cargo install tealdeer)
  • gcsf … fuse filesystem for googledrive
  • dashrLAN neighbourhood discovery (sudo dashr wl0 | while read line ; do echo $line | espeak ; done)
  • pijul … advanced and distributed version control (sound patch theory) (cargo new my-project –vcs=pijul)
  • termpix … display images in terminal
  • svg bob editor …ascii diagrams ⇒ SVG
  • exals replacement (cargo install exa)
  • lsd …next-gen ls (cargo install lsd)
  • amp … vi-like editor (cargo install amp)
  • shoop … scp like mosh (beta) (cargo install shoop)
  • thumbcloud … easy file sharing with web page
  • hors … hors “how to parse json in rust” -a (cargo install hors)
    • cargo install-update -a –force to update them all!

Libraries / Apps / Projects

Libs/apps list

Big projects

  • Nebulet … wasm microkernel
  • Redox-os … microkernel OS
  • TiKV … distributed key/value store ala google spanner

Multimedia frameworks

  • Rin … Arturo's (from OpenFrameworks) own framework
  • Nannou … multimedia programming framework (ala openframeworks) [ Slack ]
  • Amethyst … aims to be a supercharged game engine
  • Ggez …Löve game framework for Rust (2D/3D)
  • Three-rs … Threejs in Rust (defunct?)
  • Kiss3d … simple 3D env, plus compile to Wasm (defunct?)


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